The Way of St. James without the stress or rush

The Way of St. James without the stress or rush

This pilgrimage route from the north of the peninsula has practically become a race against time to find accommodations, but it's possible to to enjoy the Way of St. James, or 'The Camino' another way


The growing popularity of the Camino de Santiago in the last 10 years has materialised in the relaunching of local tourism and creation of strong employment in the municipalities through which this millennial route passes. It has also increased overcrowding and mass travel of the route. This has lead, as a result, to Camino pilgrims being challenged to find timely accommodations, which in turn diminishes the charm and their possible enjoyment along each of the Camino stages, allowing them very little time to stop along the way.

That's why the options to enjoy this route are becoming increasingly broader. Doing the Camino while sleeping in hostels is just one of the options that exists, since for some time other extentions, staying in hotels, hostels and pensions during the pilgrimage, has been an alternative way of doing the Camino. It is no longer necessary to sleep together with 20 or more people to feel like a true pilgrim; the pilgrimage is is about doing the Camino, not where you fall asleep. Making reservations in different lodgings before leaving home allows pilgrims to secure a bed without having to make a daily run for it, which means they are free to enjoy 100% of their experience.

There are many companies that are dedicated to helping people who want to do the Camino de Santiago using a pre-booked accommodatios. One good example is Spain is More, a company specialized in travel in Northern Spain. One of its best-selling features is the Camino de Santiago with private lodgings. «Although 98 percent of our clients are foreigners, there are more and more Spaniards who want to discover the Camino de Santiago in a comfortable and quality way», according to Spain is More.

Not only do they dedicate themselves to the French Way, but their travel programs also include the North, the Primitive, the English, the Portuguese and the Finisterre Routes. Apart from walking the Camino, they also offer you a personalised program that includes the choice of doing the Camino by bike or kayak, both, which are being more and more popular.

Adhering to the recently inaugurated 'León, Spanish Capital of Gastronomy', Spain is More offers the Camino de Santiago almost as an excuse to travel and discover charming hotels, and enjoy the rich cuisine while intermingling with the local people. Spain is More is able to organize a complete trip, with accommodations, restaurants, and visits and trips from any point, so that the only thing that the client has to do is worry about enjoying it all. With this in mind, the client receives a personalized guide with everything necessary from the start of the trip from their home: the train, bus or plane tickets, information at each stage, maps of cities and towns with suggestions on places to visit, ... All of this is the way to experience the Camino de Santiago alternatives with Spain is More.