Travelling to discover new experiences

Travelling to discover new experiences

Group activities are a must to have an enjoyable trip and discover new experiences


Sharing group experiences together while traveling is always one of the most desirable activities for people who choose to go accompanied when they discover new places. Being able to see first-hand how typical local products are made first-hand, discover the landscape thanks to adventure sports, get to know the local history through an outdoor activity ... these are just a few of the options that the international agency, Spain is More, proposes to travelers who decide they'd like to get to know new places in northern Spain in a group setting.

Specializing in organizing all the details from your front door to the last detail of the trip home, Spain is More offers a service backed by its long history of excellent service in preparing unforgettable tours anywhere in northern Spain. The offers, presented by this international agency is designed in two ways. The first, for private groups that already know of friends, family, clubs ... who want to have fun regardless of the place selected. Second, as a meeting point for people who, at the beginning, only share an interest in visiting a particular spot or area and recognise that Spain is More is the the ideal option among service providers to organize it.

Everything from sighting bears and wolves in nature to a via ferrata (an iron path, protected climbing route) for the bravest, are excellent options. This specialized agency is ready for any specific and self-tailored proposal. Options also include visiting the Picos de Europa Biosphere Reserve between Asturias, León and Cantabria or taking the Camino de Santiago without stress and enjoying time along each stop; this pilgrimage serving as the perfect reason to discover new locations and engage in activities with the travel group.

Thus, the experience of Spain is More guides travellers to work closely with international agencies in whose professionalism they can trust so that their groups enjoy the best experience in the north of the peninsula. Groups that usually are around 12 people, can range up to 32 people.

In addition, Spain is More opens their proposal to companies so that they can let the world know their production processes or the particularities of their activity in each area. As a result, you can travel while living many exciting experiences, something which is undoubtedly, the best way to create unforgettable memories.