• Located in the Chueca district about a 20 minute walk from the El Centro de Madrid

Madrid is a city of dreams. It has the hustle and bustle of NYC and architecture that keeps you grounded in Europe. It’s home to all major brands, like Zara, Pull and Bear, and Bershka. But the thing is that Madrid is home to so much more than that. Upon walking around the city, I stumbled into what is known as the Chueca district.

This neighborhood is a very dense; filled with bars, restaurants, and mostly independent stores. Chueca is comparable to Seattle’s Capitol hill. It’s full of independently owned fashion shops and is easily recognizable by its rainbow flags and welcoming LGBTQ+ environment.

That is when I came across VeSTIMENTA, a small boutique menswear shop. Walking past, my attention was called to the contrast of the store’s monotone interior and colorful clothing and marketing. The vibe of the store was classic and clean, but loud. Unique textures and patterns of both clothes and original marketing really added dimension to the shop’s collections.

After spending some time talking with Azucena Pacheco Sánchez, an employee at VeSTIMENTA, I learned that the contrast fit with vision VeSTIMENTA is wanting to project.

Azucena said how VeSTIMENTA is all about creating sophisticated and fashionable pieces while focusing on comfort and uniqueness. VeSTIMENTA is a mixture of original pieces and designs brought in from Italy. Founded in 1973, VeSTIMENTA just celebrated their second anniversary in a new location on Madrid’s Calle Pelayo. If you’re in Madrid and want a look into a independent local menswear shop, check this place out.

They are on both Facebook and Instagram: @vestimenta_madrid