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Running Radiant
  • CrossFit is Hella Cool in Madrid

Camaraderie. Support. Strength. “Good looks”. These are all reasons why people all across the United States have become obsessed with CrossFit. It is a fitness phenomenon that continues to build in our nation.

Last week, while in my favorite Spanish city, I discovered that CrossFit is popping up like Starbucks in foreign countries as well. It hasn’t reached the level of fitness domination that it has in countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia, but according to CrossFit DB coach Diego Boto, there are already about fourteen boxes in Madrid alone.

I was excited about the fitness community I discovered while venturing out in Madrid. CrossFit DB (Discos y Barbells) in Madrid is cool and colorful. A new box that reflects the vibe of its athletes and its city.

Back home, CrossFit is a pillar in the lives of many of the people who are closest to my heart. After experiencing CrossFit DB, I now not only know where to find myself at home in the Pacific Northwest, but I also know where I can feel at home in Madrid… my home away from my home.

“The point for CrossFit is the community and the different workouts. Because if you go to do fitness [at a standard gym], probably you go alone by yourself with your music and you have your routine… here you break your routine every day. That’s why we love CrossFit.”